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First Past: 42nd Canadian General Election Viewing Party

*Election Night at Gerts*

The turn up is about to get real this October! Canadian elections are going down and we want to celebrate and support the coldest federal democracy by drinking, eating, and politicizing the fate of Our Great Nation at the most lit joint on campus––Gert's! While we watch and wait to see who makes it first-past-the-post we plan on feeding you, giving you free stuff, and generally making your vote count! 
Whether you're a PhD in Canadian politics or a newbie to the winner-takes-all system of Canadian governance there's something for you to enjoy––and maybe even learn! ;) 

~Event Summary~
Cover: $3.00 (coat check included)
Where: Gert's Bar on McGill campus (McTavish inside SSMU)
When: October 19th at 8:00pm