WAnt to Organize an Event or reserve a Table?

The Gerts community is always active, so there may be some competition for your time slot. However, we're

willing to host any approved event at any of our opening hours, so there are plenty of opportunities! if

you are a SSMU Club, SSMU Service, or part of the McGill Community you are able to reserve tables and/or a

section of the bar. For full bar events, you can book with us on the weekend! Need your event catered? we

have you covered! need a mic for your trivia night? don't sweat it! check out our booking details below and

fill out the request form or send us an email at with your request. We will get back

to you as soon as possible! 



Booking fees



*Booking Fees for Sections may apply*

Weekend booking:


$22/hour for staff

$29/hour security

*Porter fees may apply beyond building hours*